Call Care:

  1. Cleaning Calls: As we all know, calls can get full of grit and grime after a long hard season. For cleaning, we advise that you use warm soapy water or an ammonia-free glass cleaner to wash calls inside and out. Do not use any product containing alcohol or ammonia as it may cause crazing in the acrylic.
  2. O-Ring Care: Our calls utilize o-rings for a tight, secure barrel to insert connection. If a call is too tight we recommend lubricating the o-ring with a silicone base plumbers grease. We strongly advise that you do not use any petroleum based product on the o-rings as it will cause them to swell and deteriorate. This can also cause result in a stuck together call.
  3. Cleaning of Reeds: To clean the reeds in your call, we recommend a paper towel and warm soapy water. Gently put pressure on both sides of the reed with the paper towel to wipe away saliva build-up. This build-up can affect the sound of your call, so it is recommended that you clean regularly. Also, when cleaning, be very careful to not bend the reed as this can effect the sound of your call as well.

Warranty Information:
  1. What is covered? The customer has 30 days from the date of purchase to inspect the product. During this period, Power Calls will attempt to resolve any problems the customer might have with suspected defects in the product. This inspection policy applies to both factory direct and dealer sales.
  2. What will Power Calls do? Should an item be defective, we will replace the defective item. We reserve the right to inspect defective items to determine the cause of the defect.
  3. What is not covered? Product damaged through negligence or misuse by the customer is not covered. We do not pay for expedited shipping.
  4. How to get service. Call (270) 443-8739 during regular business hours or email Please have your original receipt ready when you call. You will be given return instructions and packaging requirements at that time. Do not return product without prior return authorization.
  5. Call Re-Tunes For call re-tunes, please fill out the re-tune form here, print and mail back to us. Please allow 10 days for repair and re-tune work.